About Us

Swati Mauje (Swati’s Bridal World) is a Mumbai based makeup artist. She has a diverse range of artistic ability doing everything from high fashion to basic beauty. She has experience with proficiency. She is one of the best professional makeup artists in Mumbai. If you want to be a beautiful bride, then go for the magical hands of Ms. Swati Mauje. She takes care of every little thing like wedding hairdos, to nails and sari draping. If you are looking for a perfect party makeup artist in Mumbai, then Swati’s Bridal World is your best solution. She has done makeup of so many brides across Mumbai. And every bride look at their best with touch of her hands.

Be a Beautiful Bride by the Best Makeup Artist Swati Mauje has worked very hard to achieve the best looks in Hair & Bridal Makeup to make every look appear flawless. She is in lead to become one of the top bridal makeup artists. If you want to look like a princess on your wedding day, then Swati’s Bridal World makeup and hair cut is one of the best option in your Mumbai. She is one of the best wedding bridal makeup artists in Mumbai. Swati’s Bridal World has received very favourable reviews for her exceptional bridal makeup works. She has a great experience of moving her magical hands on number of faces and preparing them into beautiful brides.

A wedding day is a big day in one’s life to be cherished as they begin their new life together as a couple. We at Swati’s Bridal World one of the leading makeup artists in Mumbai make sure that you enjoy your wedding day and will remember it.

Every bride’s dream is to look like a princess on that very special moment of their life when they exchange wedding vows. We as a makeup artist in Mumbai assure you to give that look you wish for so that you make your best appearance that day.

The fully qualified and skilled team of bridal makeup artists in Mumbai pride themselves in providing a very personal service when it comes to bridal makeup. We clearly understand that every bride is unique and special and hence make them to look natural beauty effortlessly on their wedding day.

We also offer a wide variety of choices that allows the bride to choose the style they wish for and will make them look chic and graceful. With years of experience in offering bridal makeup service in India for the whole wedding party including the family members, we take pleasure in creating an enjoyable ambience on your wedding day by ensuring you and your family look your lissom best.

Our bridal makeup service will make you radiance, enhance the feminine and feel the confidence within you and this is what makes us special and as one of the best bridal makeup artists in Mumbai.


Greetings to Customers! Looking forward to the current generations the first impression delivers in the form of personality through E-spirit-de- corps. As we all know that day to day life is becoming swift with modern tactics with beauty and the inaugurate part is the outlook. As the situation changes as per its tenure. We too are very much articulate with the fore-sight motive to the customer by giving them the best sensational point of satiety for us, customer is like an angel to us and we treat them with proper application and dedication. Looking forward to the beautician our mission is to deliver the best dedication with proper and keen personal attitude and aptitude of the customer.


To create an better source of personality my struggle in the field of beauticians derives from the private source of my career with basic in the academic year 2010. In academic year 2012. I have done my course of beautician with degree in certified beauty parlour management.

My makeup artist course has been fully succeeded under the guidance of Hon. Pandheri dada Juker and by the blessings of deity, I am running with the CIDESCO diploma course. With the casualty of beautician. I have achieved an experience of 5 years. In the journey of span I have broaden up with 400+ customers, who have been intact with me as a guest and service to humanity to all customers.